The following are actual statements from BMH clients to their therapists.  Names are omitted to protect privacy.


“Therapy has helped me realize that my emotions and feelings towards myself and my life are valid, but that feelings aren’t facts. Realizing that negative emotions doesn’t necessarily mean a negative reality.”


“You have literally saved our marriage.”


“Being able to open up and reflect with the experts at BMH has led to both better understanding of myself and provided an actionable improvement plan that I’m held accountable to.”


“Therapy has given me the skills I’ve needed to handle my anxiety and life.” 


“Therapy has helped me to figure out when I’m getting into places where I’m using bad or unhealthy coping mechanisms and to replace them with better ones. It’s also helped me be more open and honest about being ok about not being ok. I think that it’s helped me feel less alone and more understood. It’s changed my life but I don’t know how to put it into words. I can’t imagine life without coming to therapy.“


“Thank you for talking with me honestly through my tough times.”


“You can express things you can’t normally to the people around you.  You can get everything off your chest and just have a place to put your thoughts.”


“Thank you for reminding me to be curious and excited about life again.”


“Therapy has helped me find better coping mechanisms to deal with what’s in my head, become more comfortable with who I am, made me confront the trauma I have, and of course it’s the reason i’m still breathing.”


“Therapy has helped give me the personal insight and clarity needed to better understand myself far better than any prescription drug alone ever could.”


“It’s complicated, my issues.  Others can’t see it like a broken limb or lesion on the skin, but it’s there and interferes with life.  This is my outlet to let me know I’m ok and will be ok no matter what happens. I can be happy.”


“I can be me and proud of me.”