Move Toward A Richer, More Rewarding Life.
The mission of finding the right mental health professional is often overwhelming and confusing. Yet fewer choices matter more. BMH can make your difficult situation easier. Our group of dedicated therapists will help you to encounter your challenges, find solutions and learn to thrive. Our role as therapists is to respect your values and the goals you set out to reach in therapy by being authentic and objective throughout the therapeutic process. BMH therapists provide insight and new ideas. Whatever it is that you are aiming for and whatever your mission is in life, let it be your guide.

Individual Therapy
Individual therapy is one on one therapy. In a safe environment to work through obstacles, struggles and past trauma’s to find success; focuses on strengths and builds capacities to make healthy decisions; uses creative and artistic activities to help process through difficult emotions and situations as needed.

Family Therapy
Family therapy can be a significant and powerful component in the healing process. Family therapy can: enhance, understand and strengthen relationships; identify and build upon strengths; find more positive and productive ways of communication.

Couples Therapy
The strength of a couple is dependent upon the quality of communication: improve conflict resolution; discover how to employ your love language; renew and strengthen your bond.

Play therapy and family therapy are often used to build rapport and allow the child a safe place to express their feelings.

Today’s teens face tremendous pressures and often feel overwhelmed. We help teens find healthy ways to cope with social pressures, intense and confusing emotions and set achievable goals.

Although often overlooked, adulthood brings changing levels of responsibility and stress. Learn how you can maximize your functioning and make these the best years of your life.

Older Adults / Seniors
You have always been told these are the “Golden Years” but no one mentioned the complex challenges. Through a combination of therapeutic techniques, your counselor will help you identify limiting beliefs and ineffective coping mechanisms that may be standing in your way.

Seniors/Assisted Living Facilities
BMH clinicians are especially adept at helping individuals through major life transitions. If you or a loved one is faced with the challenge of long term care we can help by providing onsite services within your assisted living facility.