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Each one of us face moments in life when we can use help finding our way. Perhaps life’s problems have left you feeling helpless and you are not sure how to gain control over your situation. Maybe fear and anxiety have overshadowed your joy and happiness. It might be that your athletic or work performance is not at full capacity.  Seeking help from services offered at Brandon Mental Health is a great start toward improving your situation.

BMH provides Individual, Family & Couples Therapy. BMH specializes in help with Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders, Grief/Loss, Identity/Self Esteem, Seniors/Older Adults, Relationship Issues, Crisis Counseling, Anger/Aggression Management, Trauma, Teen Issues, Sexual Abuse/Assault, Parenting Issues, School Difficulty, ADHD and Sexual Gender Identity.

The BMH team of therapists understands your need to feel comfortable, safe and secure. We remain at the forefront of confidentiality and are committed to your privacy. BMH therapists will customize a treatment plan and work with you to improve your circumstances.

A thorough assessment is completed to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment. The objective is to enhance your life and allow you to conquer troubling mental health issues. BMH therapy services have been designed to restore balance of health. In order to do so we offer innovative, convenient and cost effective methods of therapy. The barriers to service have been removed and getting started is easy.

** Please note that BMH does not prescribe nor dispense psychotropic medications, however we can work closely with your doctor to ensure the best possible course of treatment. Our team of dedicated clinicians provides outpatient psychotherapy services designed to alter negative thought patterns and incorporate healthy coping strategies.  Although medications are not part of our repertoire of services, the American Psychiatric Association recommends a combined approach of psychotherapy and medication to treat most mental health disorders. 

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You can find the happiness you deserve.